Additional Resources

How did you like our Intro to Smart Contracts? We'd love to hear any feedback you might have for us in the Web3 University Discord!

There's plenty more out there to learn. In particular, it'd be super useful to get a solid grasp of the basics of Solidity and play with some of the most common frameworks in Ethereum for smart contract development.

We'd recommend checking out the following tools: 

  • Solidity By Example: A fast-paced, coding walkthrough of the key features of Solidity: data types, structures, modifiers, and simple applications.
  • OpenZeppelin Docs: A wide variety of instructional tutorials and tools for building smart contracts, in particular providing libraries of reusable, modular smart contracts that you can drop into a project.
  • Scaffold-Eth: A variety of Ethereum coding challenges centered around implementing small coding projects as quickly as possible.