What is Web3?

Web1 marked the beginning of the internet. Some people refer to it as "the old internet". Static webpages with no interactivity. You'd just visit the site, read what someone had to say, and log off.

Most of the internet we know today is considered Web2, which describes the interactions and relationships between users and platforms. Big centralized entities build platforms -- and users use them. But it's the platforms that capture most of the value, monetizing data collected on the platforms.

A lot of good has come out of this version of the internet, but we think it's time for something even better.

Web3 is the latest iteration of the internet. It's a decentralized form of the World Wide Web where the creators of content, data, and applications, own and enjoy the benefits of the things they create, made possible by blockchain technology.

What is Web3 University?

Web3 University is an online educational platform bringing you the best resources and tutorials across the blockchain development ecosystem. A one-stop, chain-agnostic shop for developers looking to learn about writing smart contracts, minting NFTs, and building fully-functional end-to-end dApps that can scale to millions worldwide.

Read this blog post for more! https://www.web3.university/article/announcing-web3-university

How can I keep up to date with Web3 University?

We're super happy to have as many people as possible keep in touch and engage with the community. Here are different ways you can follow along:

Who is responsible for updates to Web3 University?

Web3 University needs to be organized by the people who have the most stake in its future: blockchain developers interesting in educating the rest of the world about Web3. So that's what we're aiming to do. Alchemy and partners from across the Web3 ecosystem, are kicking this off, but we want to it to ultimately be community-led.

How can I contribute?

If you have content you'd like to publish on the Web3 University website we'd love to feature it!

Fill out the form here: https://www.web3.university/get-published

And watch the #content-submissions channel in Discord! That's where the community can vote on and discuss new content submissions.

Are there decentralization plans for Web3 University?

We're actively exploring what it would look like to decentralize the management of Web3 University in the long run and give ownership to the community. Join the discussion in #decentralize-web3university in Discord!