Web3 University: Season 0 Recap

Deric Cheng
March 23, 2022

It’s been three crazy months since we kicked off this project in December, and it’s time to finally come up for some air 😮‍💨

We could never have expected the response that Web3 University has received! From organizations like OpenSea, Flow and Pantera, to web3 educators and thought leaders like Chris Dixon, Nader, and Patrick Collins, it’s been clear that we’ve struck a chord. The big lesson we’ve heard over and over:

Web3 developer education is critically fundamental for the success of crypto.

How many people have used Web3 University?

We took a look at our numbers for the first time in a while, and we are SHOCKED.

Web3 University engagement after just 3 months. Probably nothing, right?

Since our launch 3 months ago, we’ve had:

  • 100,000 students used our platform from over 200 different countries!
  • 2 million impressions and 20,000 followers on Twitter!
  • 7,500 members in our Discord!

More importantly though, we’ve found the support of a willing and active community excited to bring more developers into web3. We can’t count the number of web3 enthusiasts who have come to us via Twitter, LinkedIn, conferences, and endless other channels looking to contribute to the cause.

What’s happened since we’ve launched?

Over the past season, we’ve launched 14 new articles from 8 new authors - over an article a week! Some of our new authors from around the globe include:

Even more importantly, we’ve brought on some amazing creators to help us build out this platform! We’d love to introduce you to:

  • Vitto Rivabella, a web3 developer from Genoa, Italy. He’s been creating excellent courses, running Twitter Spaces, and engaging our community left and right!
  • Aniket Gupta, an ex-founder and developer from Bangalore, India. He’s taking over our content strategy, leading our distribution, and is a force of nature when it comes to coding.

We recently launched our first end-to-end course - Intro to Smart Contracts! Over the course of 10 articles, you’ll learn how to set up your first smart contract, interact with it on the blockchain, submit it to Etherscan, and integrate it with a frontend. On top of that, we cover fundamental topics like Solidity types, gas fees, and security issues.

Finally, we just kicked off our first Twitter Space this past week - an intro to legal subjects in web3 with George and Shannon from Robinland, a tokenized real-estate platform. Expect many more to come in the next season!

Whats next for Web3 University?

65% of all web3 developers started building in 2021. Though 2022 has had more volatility, it’s clear this is a trend that won’t slow down anytime soon. We’re going to be seeing the web3 developer base exponentially grow over the next half-decade - and those developers are going to need tools to learn.

What’s more - the tools they’ll be using will be entirely online. No longer is education relegated to brick-and-mortar universities. In fact, it’s quite clear that academia can’t possibly move fast enough to keep up with web3. Who knew in January 2021 that NFTs would become a $41 billion industry?

We’re in the process of building out a number of end-to-end courses similar to Intro to Smart Contracts. Topics we’re exploring include:

  • Building NFT smart contracts
  • Building DeFi protocols
  • Legal matters in Web3

On top of that, we’re exploring building or integrating a toolset into Web3 University to make these courses more useful for our learners! This toolset would likely contain:

  • Online code editors and testing
  • Online collaboration tools such as joint code editing
  • Designing workflows for asynchronous courses that allow developers to learn from each other!

Finally, we’re working on formalizing the structure of Web3 University as a DAO! Though we’ve been operating as a decentralized organization, with contributors from around the world, we’d like to start incorporating more DAO-like workflows, align incentive structures, and get direct buy-in from partners across the web3 ecosystem.

If you want to get involved with the DAO as we spin up, subscribe to our newsletter and join us in our Discord! We’d love to get your thoughts and work with others motivated to help grow web3 😊

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